Where will I meet you at the airport?
We will meet our pre-booked passengers with a signboard (with your family name on it) at the following locations:

  • International Terminal: Turn left upon exiting customs into the arrivals hall – look for the signboard at the “Pre-booked Transportation” area (before McDonalds)
  • Domestic Terminal: Look for your signboard near your flight’s baggage carousel (or as you exit the security area for your flight)

Please stay inside the building so that we can locate you.


How much time should I allow before my flight?

This will depend on your pick up location(s) and the time of day you are travelling.   We generally recommend a minimum of 2-3 hours check in for all international flights (but please check your own airlines guidelines and advise upon booking).   For all domestic flights we recommend a 1 hour minimum check in.   Please advise your desired check in time upon booking as well as your actual scheduled departure time for your flight.  Our helpful booking staff will assist with this and give you an estimated pick up time based on this information.


What locations do you pick up from?

We are a door to door service. We pick up from and deliver to Howick, Pakuranga, Bucklands Beach, Eastern Beach, Botany, Dannemora, Huntington Park, Burswood, Toplands, Flat Bush & Mission Heights.   Other areas please enquire as to availability for your travel.


What are your hours of operation?

In most cases we operate between the hours of 4 am to 1 am, 7 days a week (excluding Christmas Day), however these hours may be flexible or subject to change depending on requirements.


How many passengers can you accommodate?

We operate minibus shuttles which can accommodate 11 passengers.


How can I change my booking?

Please call 095359750 if your booking changes within 24 hours of departure/arrival, otherwise you can amend your booking either online or over the phone.   Urgent calls can be made to 021629684 (if calling from overseas +6421629684), however we respectfully request that you refrain from calling this number (or texting) during the hours of NZ 10pm to 8am unless absolutely essential (we need sleep too!).


What if we are travelling with infants or young children?

We can supply 1 carseat and/or 1 booster seat (excluding capsules) free of charge provided they are booked a minimum of 48 hours in advance.   If you require more than this, there may be a small charge of $5 per extra car seat depending on your requirements.   Please ask our friendly staff at time of booking.


Can I book an entire vehicle for functions for my family/friends/work colleagues?

Yes, subject to availability , we can meet all your function needs.


What details do I need to make an airport booking?

At your time of booking please have the following details:

  • Day/date of travel
  • flight number/s – plus desired check in time
  • international or domestic travel
  • departure and/or arrival times (please ensure that this is the airline scheduled time of departure/arrival – and if travelling across the dateline or through the night, check that the date is the arrival date into Auckland, not the departure date).   Should you wish to spend some extra time browsing duty free upon your arrival please advise at time of booking and we will add an extra 30 minutes onto your arrival.
  • name and address(es)
  • total numbers of passengers
  • luggage – please advise if taking extra or oversized pieces (including surfboards/golfclubs/bike boxes/strollers/mountain buggy/portacots etc) there may be a $5 charge for extra items.


Once I have made my booking, how can I be assured you will collect me?

We will reconfirm all departing bookings the night before your travel between 6-8pm.  If you haven’t heard from us by 8pm please contact us immediately on 095359750.   For incoming flights we ask that you contact us should the flight be cancelled, significantly delayed or you miss your flight (or connection).   If you are on the flight and is reasonably on schedule there is no need to contact us.   For international arrivals we allow as a guideline between 30-60 minutes after arrival for your exit through security – should you be delayed beyond 60 minutes we ask that you contact us.  Also we ask that once you have arrived in Auckland that you switch on your nominated cellphone as soon as flight regulations allow so that we can contact you should our driver be delayed for any reason.   Due to airline privacy we are unable to get any information on your flight should it be cancelled.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.